Solar heater and air conditioner

Solar is hot and cool!

ECOSHAH is a self powered solar heater and air conditioner that helps you reduce the two greatest energy costs in your home. The sun beams a kilowatt (kW) of energy per square metre to your property. Why let all that energy go to waste? ECOSHAH captures the sun's energy allowing you to heat or cool your home or office. This unique, one of a kind design combines both a solar heater and air conditioner in one unit. Now that's a HOT and COOL idea!

Save the planet. Save your wallet.

Have you seen a solar product on the market that provides an attractive return on investment? ECOSHAH was designed for return on investment. It's low price and simple installation will have you recovering its cost in just a few short years. Don't accept rising energy prices. Start saving money now. Heating and cooling account for 46% of the average household energy costs (source: Energy Star). Stop saving money on light bulbs and start attacking the largest portion of your energy bill. Ask your bank about a five year financing plan and let your ECOSHAH savings pay the loan payments.

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Reduce greenhouse gases. Get clean.

Worried about the environment your grand-kids will live in? The sun's energy is already on your property, why depend on oil, coal mines and nuclear reactors to heat your home or office. Use a clean all natural heat source, today. Your grand-kids will thank you! The sun is a renewable source of energy that's not limited like oil, natural gas and coal. Plus, the ECOSHAH is built from recyclable aluminum and has minimal toxic waste or impact. Saving the planet just feels right. Go ahead, be Superman on a daily basis.

"Every hour the sun beams onto earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year."

National Geographic

Reduce your reliance on the grid.

Concerned about another blackout? ECOSHAH provides an alternative source of heat and air conditioning on those days where your power utility may have a blackout. Whether it's a storm, a terrorist attack or excessive demand, power grids have and will continue to go down. Don't get stuck in the cold. It's also perfect for cottages that you want to keep heated throughout those cold months. No one likes to come back to frozen pipes and handy work at the cottage.

Simple installation. No electrician, plumbers or engineers required.

With a lightweight design and no high voltage electrical assembly, ECOSHAH can easily be installed without the need of a professional installer. If you are handy with basic hand tools, you could probably install it yourself. Of course, if you'd prefer, you can contact one of our qualified dealers to have it installed for you. Since no roof is perfectly strait the design of the ECOSHAH allows some flexibility which saves you from having to shim the base.